Perched on a Swiss alp in my bright red coat, gazing out at clouds literally floating before me, I felt the rightness of Winston Churchill’s words as surely as I felt the brisk mountain air.

Switzerland and a thousand other adventures—a flight in a two-seated, open cockpit experimental plane; a tour of New Orleans in author Anne Rice’s limo; a ride in a police-escorted bus full of Elvis fans as they visited their idol’s holy ground—became part of my experience because of my writing.

A writer finds adventure anywhere and everywhere–whether it’s a journey to an exotic locale…or sitting in front of a computer in a cramped home office. That last is the kind of interior trek of which Eudora Welty referred to: “For all serious daring starts from within.”

When you take up the writing life, daring within happens daily.

Delving into stories, written or spoken, resembles what some refer to as a “calling.” First, you pursue the story to satisfy your own curiosity… then you feel compelled to share your discoveries.

Being a writer has given me riches far beyond merely making a living. That being said, I am not independently wealthy and require payment for services rendered. I’m fortunate to have found something I love doing while I’m paying the bills.

I appreciate your checking out my story as an author, freelance writer, editor, & speaker.