I am currently working on several book-length projects.

Mother Notes

After the birth of my twins, writing down tiny and large moments of their mercurial lives led me to discover godliness in the mundane. Journaling about my family’s experiences allowed the miraculous to shine through what might otherwise have been dismissed as mere ordinary moments. My universal stories of childhood–funny, sad, and poignant–will inspire readers to reflect on the vividness of children in their lives and how these moments reveal grace, meaning, and God’s lessons in the day-to-day. With a call for readers to record their own child-related experiences, the book should prove a great gift idea for parents, grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, and others whose lives are blessed by children.

Nonverbal Communication

How something is said matters more than what is said. Nationally known nonverbal communication scholar Mark Hickson and I will collaborate on a book that depicts real-life application of this intriguing subset of communication. Readers will learn how to better interpret people’s signals and cues, thus improving their relationships.

Authors on Their Art

In my career as a writer and an editor, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing a plethora of authors from the well-known to the up and coming. Among them: Anne Rice, Sue Monk Kidd, Allen Gurganus, Lee Smith, Cassandra King, Fannie Flagg, Ashley Warlick, Melinda Haynes, Naomi Judd, Mary Englebreit, Pat Cunningham Devoto, Robert Inman, Mark Delaney and Libby Leverette Crew.  In addition, I’ve introduced and socialized with writers at literary conferences and reviewed dozens upon dozens of books as a literary columnist for the largest regional magazine in the country (Southern Living). In Authors on Their Art, I will visit with respected and prolific writers, capturing their views on the creative process in general and specifically to their own work. The authors’ struggles, triumphs, rituals, and inspiration will be included as well as photographs of their writing spaces, be it a converted bedroom or a story shack in the backyard.

Nancy with Anne Rice
Nancy with Billie Letts
Nancy with David Balducci
Nancy with Lee Smith Nancy with Nevada Barr
Nancy with Cassandra King

Chasing Down the Words: The Act and Art of Writing

Calling on my experience as a co-author, ghostwriter, magazine, newspaper, public relations, and web writer and editor, this book will consist of tips for those who want to know more about the practicalities of writing. Included topics: penning compelling stories; nailing details; creating attention-grabbing headlines and titles; what’s involved in collaborative projects; delving deep into research; etc.  This is a practical how-to guide on the act and art of writing for beginning and veteran scribes.

Assaying Essays

This collection of compelling essays covers topics that use specificity to point to the transcendent. Universal subjects range from a brother’s death, a young girl’s middle school angst, a suburbanite at a homeless shelter, and an encounter with a celebrity author.